A great trip where you can enjoy hot springs in Shirakawago.


Let’s go see the world heritage “Shirakawago”!

I want to see Shirakawago living in alive! I want to take pictures!

I thought so and thought of going someday. Tangle with the night in the car, traveling freely and freely.

It was a nice trip that I enjoyed hot springs and worshiped to the Sea of ​​Japan.


Accommodation place is Road Station “Hida Hakusan”

I chose the accommodation place before Shirakawagori sightseeing is the road station “Hida Hakusan”.

Car nights information

Toilet: beautiful
Store: Yes (no alcohol)
Parking lot: The summer is cool, the hot springs are close and free foot bath is also the best.
Average score: 95 points

It’s a really nice place here. It seems to be very difficult in winter in the snow … summer is cool and easy to spend.

Signboard of Road Station

It is a sign that has a great taste. It is a signboard with an atmosphere.

A sign

There is no convenience store! !

It is a wonderful road station, but there is one flaw. The facility is not nearby! !

“OK! Google !! Please show me nearby convenience stores!”

In other words I found the next convenience store.

12.9 km away! ! 15 minutes by car (haha)

It is far. A dim mountain path. I remember this last year.

2016年8月 車中泊旅行 その1 道の駅「美ヶ原高原」の満点の星空の夜
2016年8月15日~16日 一泊で長野県旅行へ行ってまいりました。 帰省先の名古屋から埼玉県の家に戻る途中で涼しい高原で車中泊して、次の日に松本城を見てのんびりと温泉に浸かって帰ろうと言う企画。楽しい夏の思い出作りとなりました。 想定外の...

Well, it was easier than that mountain road. Well, I am preparing for dinner and dinner.

Shochu highball
was. It is. Shochu high ball. Although the lower price tag feels the opposite … but then it is expensive! ! But I bought it because I want to drink it.

Okigawa river spring Shiramizu no yu

Well, I was ready for dinner and dinner, so I will return to 12.9 km again. By the time we returned to the road station “Hida Hayama”, the sun was completely over, and the night is completely night. The unique atmosphere like the countryside in the mountainous region does not collect.

On the way station “Hida Hakusan” there is a hot spring facility “Ohirashigawa hot spring shimizu no yu“. Let’s shed a sweat before drinking. How, there was a meal here. It may not be necessary to go to a convenience store a distance of 12.9 km away. But it was good because I wanted it.

Okigawa river spring Shiramizu no yu
By the way, I sweat the sweat of the summer in the hot springs, the cool air is moderate because there is so much altitude.

You can also see the starry sky

I thought that I should take a lunch drink after going out from a hot spring but there is no cloud when I see the sky! I can see the stars! ! This must be taken! ! As soon as I say, starry sky shooting. This is the first starry sky shot since purchasing 5D4. Tension will rise.

There is a street lamp in the road station premises and it is bright so it moves a little. It is pitch dark when leaving a bit. But since there are many car streets unexpectedly, the light of the car enters. Well, but I took it beautifully.

starry skies
I tried creating a star map because it is hard to understand.

Star map

I’m photographing Stilkka and the Milky Way. Taking a starry sky and taking a drink in a cool evening, is this a heaven? ! I thought, but it is cloudy and the shooting of the starry sky is over.

Free feet hot water

The starry sky shooting is over and the dinner is over … but I do not want to go to bed yet! ! Even if you are in a car, I get bored and will be a little drunk.

Ah! It was written that there is a foot bath! !

Remembering that there is a footbath, how is it going to be at midnight? And when I went to think, I was doing! ! I was doing foot bath. No, late night footbath … unexpected surreal (lol)

Late night foot bath

I took it with a smartphone, but I became like a horror.

To Shirakawago

I also enjoyed late night horror foot bath, so I wanted to go sightseeing before getting crowded, so I’m moving early in the morning.

Leaving morning mist, departing after the road station “Hida Hayama”.

Haginmachi Castle Track Observation Deck

It was this place that first came.

I came to Observatory of Haginmachi Castle Market. Perhaps the scenery you see from here is a sight that you have seen before? I will climb a narrow road and let’s go driving safely!

Hagisimachi Castle Observatory

This! !

Here it is! !

I have seen it! ! This scenery.

Hagisimachi Castle Observatory

It’s cloudy but it’s amazing sight. Tension rises.

Hagisimachi Castle Observatory

Prza building and paddy field. This is amazing. World heritage is incredible. Well it was seen in raw! !

Hagisimachi Castle Observatory

It is a spectacle that I think that it is really wonderful preservation. And, it is a joint formation. You can be touched by the matter of course that it is really a grand palm making. I’m glad you came.


Well, after having enjoyed Shirakawago from the hill, I will go down and enjoy the cityscape.


Prince ryugui and rice

Scenery of architectural scenery

Collaboration with this paddy field and architecture with rulership does not accumulate. Reflection and taking over across the rice. None will become a picture. The scenery in Japan is amazing.

Summer Cosmos

There are cosmos blooming beside the road, there is a feeling that can not be said anything.


And there are many paddy fields, but there are plenty of roads. There is abundant water flowing in the irrigation canal. It is good that this irrigation canal is also a paddy field of Japan. I also like the water flowing there. I do not get tired of seeing water forever. A momentary moment, a different face. I can not take the same picture any number of times, and I can enjoy the fabulous nature’s shapes invisible to the human eye. Ah, it’s irresistible! ! In the translation saying, I was gazing at for a while.

Lanterns are decorated or something really good. Because there was a broken lantern …

I turned the lantern ghosts (laugh)

I returned home from Niigata.

Early morning sightseeing is complete. Since I want to have long runs because I have a lot of time on the way back, I go to the Toyama area leisurely and go back to Niigata prefecture and return from the Kanegoshi Expressway. Niigata Prefecture is a place I’d like to go sightseeing someday, but I will only pass this time. But I could see the Sea of ​​Japan as well, this time I’ll pardon! (Lol)


Wait for Niigata! I will go, will not I! !